Projecting a
First-Class Image

Owners, managers and administrators trust Janipro with the cleaning maintenance of their facility essentially for the quality of service delivered.

For cleaning services, it is no doubt better to contract a company that deals exclusively with cleaning than it is to deal with a general all-purpose facility company. It is worthy of note, that general-purpose service providers are not as knowledgeable and equipped about your cleaning needs as a professional cleaning company.

Our cleaning tools are subject to professional standards of quality as your facility. This guarantees that your facility is always given the best care possible. Nothing could be better than simply delivering the right service with trained and well supervised personnel to ensure projecting a first class image of your facility.

Our Janitors and services coordinators are experienced and trained and are required to continually attend trainings in order to remain current with professional cleaning and all it entails. We are happy to provide first class cleaning services for your facility. A good rule of the thumb to remember is, if it’s cleaning-related, chances are Janipro will handle it in the most professional way.


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