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Projecting a
first class image
of your facility

We provide efficiency with a personal touch, giving you one thing less to worry about, ensuring your space (business/residential/worship) is properly cleaned.

janipro quality control

At Janipro, we focus on quality; regarding every job opportunity, a rare privilege to demonstrate professionalism and customer satisfaction. Whilst providing high-efficiency levels to ensure client’s business or personal space is properly cleaned, we are cognizant of health and safety of our clients, staff and the environment on account of the service we provide.

janipro management system

Our management system provides a cleaning service tailored to each facility and/or property’s need, prioritizing cordial customer service relationship, accountability, and expected service delivery. We deliver the cleaning services you need, when, where and how you desire it, without stress.

Janipro core values

At Janipro, our service revolves round integrity. Our staff imbibes, uphold and emits the great values we teach and as such we, pride ourselves with running a cleaning Company with fundamental business values at its heart. In service, our unwavering commitment to all clients among other values are; honesty, loyalty, reliability, versatility, responsiveness and transparency each client benefits from all these.

janipro competence

We provide cleaning solutions for a broad range of clients, and every client relationship is valued greatly. Each engagement benefits from the depth and breadth of our expertise. Our clientele base diversity enables us understand that no two clients are the same, as such we provide professional cleaning services tailored to meet each facility’s needs. We know that understanding each client’s specific needs is critical to successful service delivery.

janipro reputation, image

In today’s world of cleaning service, image is not a superficial concern. Image is everything, At Janipro; we work hard to maintain a quality level of service for you to serve your clients, projecting a first class image of your facility.

Whatever cleaning service you require, look no further than Janipro’s cleaning solutions.

Remember, we do not finish when we are tired, we finish when the job is done….. Satisfactorily done.


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