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Our one goal:
Customer Satisfaction

We are a professional cleaning company, with requisite expertise to meet your cleaning needs, and we persistently aim to exceed your expectations. We are committed to being the choice cleaning service provider for clients with a quest for first class service delivery.

At Janipro we are proud to say that we do our job well and safely. While being committed to achieving excellence in our work, we are impenitent in providing our clients with professional service so they can be rest assure that their facility/property is in good hands.

Our employees have on-going training and support and are supervised by an on-site inspection system, implemented to further assure continuous client satisfaction. With our concept and ability to simultaneously service multiple locations, we offer cleaning and maintenance service solutions to diverse types of facilities/buildings.

With Janipro, rest assure your facility will be provided with high quality, modern, proficient and professional cleaning and maintenance services. Our concern and commitment for highest level care and maintenance of your facility will be evident.

We pride ourselves with providing quality cleaning service to our clients. Together, management and staff share a vested economic interest in one goal: customer satisfaction.

We create cleaning programs tailored to specific facility and individual needs. From janitorial services to scheduled weekly and bi-weekly cleaning services, our professional cleaning team deliver high standards of courteous, professional service.

As a service based company, our team is always enthusiastic to meet with current and potential clients with respect to meeting their cleaning needs. Our staff are part of a friendly, professional and approachable crew, always disposed to listen and implement your cleaning requests.

We are invested in our clients as such we endeavour to exceed their cleaning expectations. We care about them as individuals and are ecstatic to see positive transformation and continuous maintenance of their space.


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