As with all finished building materials, the facade (glass, aluminum, tiles, granite, etc.) requires reasonable care. Although some of these materials are exceptionally resistant to corrosion, discoloration, and wear, their natural beauty can be marred by harsh weather, abuse or neglect. All exterior surfaces collect varying amounts of dirt, which varies with; geographic area, environmental conditions, finish and location of the building. These factors and the owner’s attitude regarding surface appearance determine the type and frequency of cleaning required. Facade cleaning schedule should be integrated with other cleaning schedules for efficiency and economy. Periodic maintenance restrains long-term accumulation of dirt, which, under certain conditions, can hasten wear and tear of the finish. Along with the right technique to access the height, we have all it takes for a streak-free shine including glass cleaners, washers, squeegees, and extendable and telescopic poles. Our team of professionals will deliver you quality services and achieve precisely sound results.


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