Floor Care/

All hard floor (Hardwood, Tiles or Natural Stone) types require proper care and maintenance to remain in top-notch shape.  The nature of most floor types requires periodic maintenance; nothing physically depicts a clean building more than a well maintained floor. At Janipro, we are aware of the critical nature of floors and so, committed to each type’s specific maintenance. The right maintenance procedure transforms tired looking tiles or natural stone floor, restoring them to how they should look. Wooden and natural stone floors are popular flooring solutions as they are functional and relatively easy to maintain. They are a big investment and the regular cleaning as well as refreshing procedures are critical in order to preserve their good looks for many years and as such, polishing hard floor is inevitable. Hard floor polishing is a demanding procedure that requires the appropriate knowledge and equipment. Scratches and stubborn stains are impossible to be removed without professional assistance. The techniques deployed by our professionals for hard floor polishing not only result in visible effect and well polished finish but also in elongating the lifespan of the flooring.


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